Retro Man kit

27. ledna 2008 v 20:51

Buď první, kdo ohodnotí tento článek.


1 Marie Williams Marie Williams | E-mail | 28. ledna 2008 v 2:13 | Reagovat

I love everything!  What talent you have and it is so wonderful that you share it with us - and I know I am being greedy - but how can I help it?  It is too, too beautiful.  The one kit that I could not figure out how to get was the Retro Man Kit and I would so like to have it.  My husband is a lot older than me - he is 77 - and I would love these pages and this art for him.  Is there any way I can beg you to have it - on bended knee with so much gratitude and appreciation - and again so many thank you's  Marie

2 aquascrap aquascrap | E-mail | 28. ledna 2008 v 7:45 | Reagovat

This kit is just reminds me of grandfather with that pipe and the vintage car.    Thankyou but I could not find a download link.

3 Christine Marie Christine Marie | E-mail | Web | 28. ledna 2008 v 10:04 | Reagovat

Hi Iveta,

thank You for the wonderful kit, but I can't find the download-link.

Regards Christine Marie

I've given your mailaddy to Manu. For her Shop she has started

a Guest Ct Call. More here

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