15. února 2008 v 8:48
!!!!!Můj nový blog s freebie!!!!

3 lidé ohodnotili tento článek.


1 Gisela Gisela | E-mail | 15. února 2008 v 16:09 | Reagovat

Your new freebie on your new site looks again so beautiful. I`m looking forward the link. You have a great talent!!!

2 accro accro | E-mail | 1. března 2008 v 1:14 | Reagovat

i love yours kits. yours scrap pages are really beautiful. so cute work, really!!

3 SusieQ SusieQ | 20. března 2008 v 16:30 | Reagovat

Thank you so much for sharing your talent.

I simply adore your stuff, you are so talented!

4 Audra Audra | E-mail | 3. dubna 2008 v 15:26 | Reagovat

Wahoooooooo I love you animals and flowers . Thanks so much for sharing!

5 Chani (France) Chani (France) | 16. dubna 2008 v 2:58 | Reagovat

Toutes vos créations sont vraiment splendides, j'ai passé un très bon moment sur votre blog, je suis émerveillée! Merci de nous offrir tant de belles choses.

Bonne continuation.


6 Tara Tara | E-mail | 16. dubna 2008 v 19:11 | Reagovat

Vielen Dank für die wunderbaren Freebies.

Es sind SUPER!!! Sachen die Du da machst.

Ich wünsche Dir noch einen schönen Tag.

LG Tara

7 Dottie Dottie | E-mail | 20. dubna 2008 v 8:00 | Reagovat

Help please.  I have been on the trying to download some of those great freebies.  I cannot get anything to download.  Do you know how to do this?  I tried to enter the numbers and clicked on the orange box, but then nothing happens.  Am I doing something wrong?  Do you have to have a special software or register?

8 Anke Anke | E-mail | 23. dubna 2008 v 19:51 | Reagovat

Dottie, go to the archives on the right, by clicking on those you can access almost all of the old kits! The fairy kit doesn't seem to be accessible anymore.


9 Karen Karen | 29. dubna 2008 v 10:16 | Reagovat

Beautiful, fabulous, just wonderful kits. Your blog is a goldmine. You have the best freebies ever.  Thanks!

10 Lily Lily | 9. května 2008 v 20:24 | Reagovat

Your work is fantastic!!! Thank you for all your freebies!!!

11 Neusinha Neusinha | E-mail | 30. června 2008 v 0:48 | Reagovat

Sou brasileira (Brazil), não escrevo em inglês e nem russo., mas quero dar os parabéns por tão lindos kits, e obrigada por compartilhar.



12 Wendy Wendy | 11. července 2008 v 17:04 | Reagovat

Amazing! Perfection! The best spot on the WWW  for freebies. I can't praise you enough for your creativity.

13 Donna Donna | E-mail | 14. července 2008 v 2:27 | Reagovat

I am not able to download your new FAMILY freebie.  It is beautiful and I would love to use it. Can you please help me figure out how to download?  Many thanks!

Nejsem schopen se dostat FAMILY freebie ke stažení. Mohli byste mi pomoci vymyslet, jak ji získat? Vaše práce je krásná! Děkujeme vám

14 Kathy Kathy | E-mail | 13. srpna 2008 v 0:40 | Reagovat

I have tried to write you a thank you many times on blogger, but did not work. I think you are a very creative designer and one of my favorites. Thank you so much for taking the time to upload these beautiful freebies and for sharing with us.

15 Šárka Šárka | E-mail | 18. srpna 2008 v 22:04 | Reagovat

Dobrý den,jsem okouzlena a nenacházím slov jak jste velmi velmi šikovná!Jsem pouhý amatér začátečník a na Vaše dílka zírám s otevřenou pusou! Prostě nádherné. Děkuji,že jste a že tvoříte takovou nádheru!

16 Lezlee Lezlee | E-mail | 22. srpna 2008 v 22:59 | Reagovat

I have wanted to say "THANK YOU!!!" many times but couldn't get my comments to post.  I hope this works. :)  I love your work!! It is absolutely my favorite to include in my pages.  Your layouts have so much depth and aren't the typical drop a flower here, a paper clip there and a picture over there; they are complex yet simplistic...and very beautiful.  Your daughter's eyes are mesmerizing.  Your blog shows a lot of family unity...with you at the realm.  Thank you tons!!!

17 Lezlee Lezlee | E-mail | 22. srpna 2008 v 23:00 | Reagovat

Whoo hoo!  It posted...although I think it would be easier to read if the spaces were omitted. :)

18 Sibylle Sibylle | E-mail | 24. srpna 2008 v 13:58 | Reagovat

Your kits are so gorgeous.  Thank you so much for sharing them.

19 Cindy Cindy | E-mail | 27. srpna 2008 v 21:01 | Reagovat

I am tring to get the farm freebie kit?    I do not speak Czech so I'm using a translator most of the time LOL. Is it not available yet???  Or if it is how do I get it??? THANK YOU these are wonderful ♥ ♥ ♥


this is the translation from English it said:

Jsem Tring dostat se na hospodářství pozornost kit? Nemám mluvit česky tak jsem pomocí překladatele většinu času LOL. Je to zatím není k dispozici??? Nebo je-li to, jak mohu získat??? DEKUJI jsou nádherné ♥ ♥ ♥


20 lisette lisette | 4. září 2008 v 2:24 | Reagovat

I love your work.. it is so unique... and you are so talented.. thank you so much for sharing with all of us .. it is really appreciated.. :-)

21 Linda Linda | E-mail | 6. září 2008 v 20:31 | Reagovat

Thank you so much. You are so talented. It takes a long time to download so I guess many are downloading at the same time. Can you rotate music sometime?  It would be good to visit your site and hear something new.

22 Petra Petra | 4. října 2008 v 20:00 | Reagovat

Mockrát díky za inspiraci. Vždy oněmím úžasem nad vašimi nápady. Jsou opravdu nádherné.

23 Gabrielle Gabrielle | E-mail | 3. listopadu 2008 v 18:43 | Reagovat

Your body of creation's are stunning.  Thank you for all your time and effort and for sharing them with us all.  You Rock!

24 Eva Eva | E-mail | 4. listopadu 2008 v 18:25 | Reagovat

Vaše freebies, jsou opravdu moc krásné a nápadité. Přeju hodně nových nápadů....Moc děkuji Eva

25 Lucie Lucie | E-mail | Web | 6. listopadu 2008 v 12:34 | Reagovat

vaše práce je uplně úžasná,nádherné kity,jsem unešená,jste strašně šikovná,moc moc děkuji za freebies.

26 LA ROUSSETTE LA ROUSSETTE | E-mail | 25. listopadu 2008 v 20:44 | Reagovat

J'adore ce que  vous faîtes. Bravo et MERCI BEAUCOUP !

27 Carla Carla | E-mail | 11. února 2009 v 0:34 | Reagovat

Thank you very, very much. I finally found a way to write something for you here! ( the language ohhhh)

I downloaded lot of very nice kits you make lot of people very happy and one of them is me ;-))

Thanks again , greetzzz from Holland

28 Eva Eva | E-mail | 23. února 2009 v 9:50 | Reagovat


thank you so lot for the very nice freebies.

I love them.

Greetings from Germany

29 Veronica Veronica | 3. března 2009 v 5:56 | Reagovat

You have THE BEST and most original, most beautiful scrapbooking kits/sets to offer. Your designing is beyond exquisite. It looks extremely professional. You are a very, very talented artist. Thank you for sharing the most beautiful kits and paper I've seen on the internet.

30 June June | E-mail | 11. března 2009 v 5:14 | Reagovat

I am very new to scrapbooking, I love your kits and agree with everyone else that they are the most beautiful kits found on the internet, I would love to show you what I have done with them.  Is there a place I can upload them to for you to see?Also, what language is your blog written in?

31 Renee Recchia Renee Recchia | 17. března 2009 v 7:01 | Reagovat

I absolutely love the kits you so generously share with us!  Thanks so much for all your hard work - we appreciate the time involved and the effort put forth.  You have a very creative and loving heart. : )

32 jgaajqvxmi jgaajqvxmi | E-mail | Web | 23. dubna 2009 v 4:27 | Reagovat

yscmu9  <a href="">beratezroqkl</a>, [url=]ouhisrplqtui[/url], [link=]tksxtuikuvzr[/link],

33 rvyopeyjd rvyopeyjd | E-mail | Web | 22. května 2009 v 6:22 | Reagovat

EUUM6W  <a href="">dqvhnmuwagmy</a>, [url=]jrwiwtqjlmav[/url], [link=]tteuvylhtyyz[/link],

34 qpnrfbf qpnrfbf | E-mail | Web | 31. května 2009 v 10:20 | Reagovat

PSlfQg  <a href="">hjstoljconnc</a>, [url=]wsazaammvysu[/url], [link=]anxdjarktetr[/link],

35 eliqez eliqez | E-mail | Web | 7. června 2009 v 12:51 | Reagovat

aPbMFh  <a href="">adaozhqpbwav</a>, [url=]hawzoyxzkfkc[/url], [link=]ixelshivtdey[/link],

36 Jennifer Jennifer | E-mail | 20. srpna 2009 v 3:56 | Reagovat

[1]: I cannot get the freebie to download
help I really like it.  Thanks much

37 mamija mamija | E-mail | 27. prosince 2009 v 15:01 | Reagovat

toutes mes félicitations pour les magnifiques choses que vous nous

un immense merci pour votre gentillesse

continuez à nous faire rêver


38 Mara Mara | 18. března 2010 v 6:12 | Reagovat

Your work is truly beautiful and a most sincere thank you for sharing, kind lady!


39 Linda Linda | E-mail | 4. května 2010 v 4:13 | Reagovat

Where do you post your Freebies now? I have missed you and your wonderful work. Please let me know as I have not seen anything new in a long time. I only speak English. Thanks so much. Miss you.

40 SergiooO SergiooO | E-mail | 17. ledna 2017 v 8:50 | Reagovat

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